Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pist off.

OK, so maybe I was wrong. Like, REALLY wrong. Even if Manu Ginobili hadn't been hobbled like Paul Sheldon in the first 24 seconds of Game Three, the Pistons had it locked up from the opening tip. Rather, from the Ben Wallace breakaway dunk with Nazr Mohammed holding his off hand like he was a school crossing guard. The Pistons came out with serious energy and confidence, and if they do that again tonight, well--this might be a close series after all. If they lose, of course, it's a wrap anyway. But I think we're going into Game Five tied up. (Not that what I think means anything.)

We still got Florida weather in Manhattan--steamy days with thunderstorms in the afternoon. A mess, in other words. It has cooled off of late, though, so at least it's not the blast furnace it was earlier in the week. I actually have the AC off at the moment with the windows open. Rolling out soon to watch the game at the usual spot, with the 'Sheed Portland '77 throwback that worked last game. We'll see.

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