Monday, June 06, 2005

Making sense is overrated.

I'm sticking with my earlier prediction that Detroit wins Game Seven tonight. I know I picked Miami in the mag--and were Shaq and Wade healthy, I would still be looking their way--but Detroit is just too poised and prepared (and uninjured) to lose this one. Besides, it'll be good to see Rasheed in the Finals again, especially with his temper as on-edge as it's been as of late. I do kind of hope that Alonzo Mourning accidentally pops Larry Brown with an over-emphatic fist pump (just stop it already, Zo--we get it).

NYC officially bypassed spring once again, proceeding directly to throw-a-garbage-can-through-the-window-of-Sal's-Famous heat and humidity. Made me want to break out a Jackie Robinson jersey and some Air Trainer IIIs. Instead, did a couple errands on my track bike--and changed shirts every time I stopped home. I mean, it's DISGUSTING out. And tomorrow's supposed to hit 90. Joy. Also read a bunch of the new STRIKER today, which includes a Diego Maradona boardgame by yours truly. Some really good stuff in there.

I'm still trying to figure out which direction to take this thing in, especially once the NBA season ends. I'll probably just continue to ramble, seeing that finding a focus rarely seems to be my strong point. (As I type this I'm watching Dogtown And Z-Boys for the umpteenth time.) And speaking of which, why did Stacy Peralta have to put out a movie--Lords Of Dogtown--that's essentially a recreation of the stories told in the documentary? I mean, he started Powell Peralta and was responsible for putting together the Bones Brigade--including Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, etc.--in the mid '80s. Where's the movie on that? Theyre must be SO much extra footage from all the old videos. Gimme a documentary, anything. I guess it would be almost a sequel to Dogtown, and a companion piece to Stoked (the Gator Rogowski story, which a) is awesome and b) includes first SLAM EIC Cory Johnson, who looks nothing like I imagined he would).

I've decided against doing the mockery Draft, just because mock drafts are stupid enough on their own. I'm guessing that the Milwaukee Bucks don't know exactly who they're going to pick yet, so why should I read someone else's speculations for the entire first round? Hell, Peter Vescey usually gets some picks wrong ON DRAFT NIGHT. That said, if I'm the Bucks, I'm taking Marvin Williams. Sorry, Andy.

Russell Crowe got arrested for being violent with an underling? No!

Also, from now on I'll close off with something (a name or whatever) for you to punch into Google. They'll be no rhyme or reason, just things I find interesting. (And speaking about interesting and Google, turn off "safe search" and image search just about anything--it'll change your life, and not necessarily for the better.) Anyway, today: Michael Sieben.

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