Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hot Spurs.

Yes, that's an intentional Tottenham reference. If nothing else, they're the favorite team of the reigning NBA MVP, and that's good enough for me. Then again, I'm an Arsenal supporter and the Hotspur wear skin-tight kit, so Steve Nash will have to root alone.

Well, it's starting to look like the NBA Finals might not last very long after all. So much for the close matchup. It's not just that the Spurs won the first two games--it's that they won them both by considerable margins, exploiting the vaunted Detroit defense and making an absolute mess of the Pistons' already questionable offense. Manu Ginobili looks like an MVP, and the Pistons don't look much like the defending champions. When the biggest offensive spurts are coming from Antonio McDyess, well...that's not a team that's going to be able to make a comeback. Tonight is the ultimate test. Win or stay home. I think the Pistons definitely make a better showing tonight, but the Spurs have momentum and confidence on their side. The best we might be able to hope for is a lot of Darko in a somewhat meaningless Game Four.


Not for nothing, but I've never really understood why NBA teams (and teams in every other sport, for that matter) sign a coach for X number of seasons, then fire them after their first, however disappointing. Yes, to succeed a team needs to win games and fill the seats. But one would hope that a coach would be hired for his methods and his philosophy, not to fill some arbitrary win quota. And one would also hope that a franchise would allow time for a new coach to implement his methods and philosophy, not just bail on him as soon as the record (and the local media) demanded it. Of course there will always be bad hires. But maybe some just need more time.

One that strangely enough is getting a second run is Phil Jackson in Los Angeles, as reported earlier today. It's some Hollyweirdness on par with the antics of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (Katie! Get out while you still can!). I'd give a good chunk of change to be present at that first Laker team meeting this summer. Will Kobe apologize to Phil? Will Phil apologize to Kobe? Will Phil and LO toke up in the trainer's room? And of course most importantly, will the triangle work without Shaq?

Tell you what, I'd like to see Phil bring in Kareem and Magic as assistants--not only to share their accumulated Showtime wisdom, but for Magic to counsel Kobe on a more regular basis. Getting him out of the TNT booth will be a bonus--the unintentional comedy just isn't worth it anymore. Despite Kobe's presence, this will easily be the worst team Jackson has ever coached in the NBA. And other teams won't be in a rush to help them through trades. It'll be interesting to see how all involved handle this. I just hope that midway through the season Jeannie Buss dumps Phil for Mike Dunleavy.


Still hotter than blazes in New York City--which is why I'm sitting home watching Top Gun. (How the heck would Tim Robbins fit in a fighter jet anyway?) It's about to end, though, so I'll probably go out for a quick road ride before recovering for the game tonight.

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