Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Finals thoughts.

Another humid 90 degree day in NYC. I feel like we've gone from April directly to August. Again. Spring is just the windy, rainy time before it gets ungodly hot. Stupid weather. I was actually tempted to take the laptop to Starbucks today for the air conditioning alone (I still haven't put mine in), but was too lazy to do even that. Instead I'm home watching Hellboy. Quality.

Rather than actually preview the Finals, which pretty much every other pundit under the sun has already done (in 3,000 words or more), I figured I'd just give 10 reasons each why I'd like to see either team win. Oh yeah, Spurs in 5.


1. It'll pretty much end the "greatest power forward of all time" debate. Tim Duncan might already be able to claim the title, seeing that he already has two to Charles Barkley and Karl Malone's combined zero. His third in eight years, together with his sublimely efficient game would basically lock it up. And he's not even 30!

2. Gregg Popovich is the NBA's coolest coach. The one-time Air Force man has the drollest sense of humor of anyone walking the sidelines today. Win or lose he's good, but considering that his opponent is the world's greatest opportunist, I'm going with Pop.

3. Bob Horry gets another ring. This would be his sixth (with three different teams) tying him with Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. Sure, he's somewhat of a mercenary, and he's had the good fortune to play with Hakeem, Shaq AND Duncan in their primes. But yeah, it's probably been worth it. And despite all of his high-profile teammates, he's done far more than just tag along for the ride.

4. Charles Barkley will get to yell GINO-BILI more. Sure, he won't be on TV when he does it, but we'll all know it anyway.

5. Make Larry Brown leave town after coming up short. Good luck, LeBron!

6. Save Detroit money on street signs. What would it be next? Four Championship Way?

7. May offense triumph over defense. Of course the Spurs can defend as well (see: Bowen, Bruce), but after the way they ran with the Suns, that's the style I want to see end up with the trophy.

8. Eva Longoria celebrating on the court.

9. Because Larry Brown's a scumbag.

10. Because my Mom is a Spurs fan. It's mostly because of Steve Kerr, but she's stayed true. Now she's the one calling me about games.


1. Rasheed Wallace. I might need to cop that 36 jersey soon regardless. He's gotta do something about that mangy-looking beard, though. Well, if he wants. I ain't telling 'Sheed what to do.

2. Because Darko Milicic would have two rings while Barkley, Malone, Patrick Ewing, Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson and Gary Payton have a combined zero. And LeBron hasn't made the playoffs yet.

3. Because Joe Dumars always was the coolest Bad Boy. (Is Puffy paying royalties to the Pistons?)

4. Because even though Larry Brown's a scumbag, he still went to North Carolina.

5. Because maybe if he wins another ring and gets a bigger extension, Tayshaun Prince could afford a proper meal.

6. Because of Rip Hamilton's mask and mid-range game.

7. Because the West has won enough championships lately.

8. Because it'll be WAY more awkward for Larry Brown to leave town whilst being the defending champ.

9. If Detroit wins, maybe not as much of the city will end up on fire.

10. Because all of picked the Spurs.

More later tonight. On what, I don't know.

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T-Bugg said...

You say spurs in five, who's the MVP then? TD or Maaaa-nu?
I gotta roll with TD gettin' it again.

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