Thursday, October 20, 2005

We Now Join The NLCS Already In Progress.

Astros up 3-2 in the series, 3-0 in the game through the top of 4, with Roy Oswalt throwing a no-hitter. This could be tough for the Cardinals. If it gets boring (which it will), I may go on extended rants about the new NBA dress code. So consider yourself warned. And while I can't speak for everyone, a Houston/Chicago World Series probably won't be the most interesting series ever. They may have to bring back steroids. Whatever happens, the Series starts on Saturday, which means they should be able to stretch it into November. I so want to live long enough to see a World Series game cancelled because of snow.

Lance Berkman looks like a lumberjack. Or an NFL lineman from the mid '70s.

TONY LARUSSA HAS REMOVED HIS SUNGLASSES!!! ALERT THE MEDIA!!! What the hell's with the sunglasses at night anyway? You don't look mysterious Tony, you look stupid. (And if it's for glare, why does he take them off before going to the mound?) And he put in a rookie? Yikes. Good luck, kid! I mean, uh, good job.

So much for the no-hitter. Good job, Bengie. Um, I mean other Molina. Other-other Molina, I guess.

Nice call, ump. Nope, no need for instant replay in baseball. Not at all.

Conversations with pitching coaches < watching paint dry.

You know, if the networks insist on talking to the managers during the games, can't they ask the pressing questions? Like, "Hey Tony, why do you wear sunglasses all the time when you don't have to?"

Correction: Lance Berkman looks like John Smoltz on steroids. Baseball players are a bunch of scruffy bastards.

Much as I hate baseball sometimes, the suicide squeeze is rad. 4-1, 'Stros.

Oh, forget this. I'll come back with the NBA dress code later.


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