Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ALCS Game 1, Part 2

The only thing better than a miked manager is a miked pitching coach. Lou: "Bud is an intelligent guy, and he handles himself quite well." Um, as is roughly 75 percent of the world.

New catcher's helmets/masks are kind of cool, I guess, but I still miss the backwards batting helmet and separate mask. Then again, I also miss the bullpen cars with the big hats as roofs and Dave Kingman, so that doesn't mean much.

Incidentally, the only thing I've exclaimed while drinking a Coors Light was "Ugh! Isn't there ANYTHING else?" Guess that wouldn't make for a very positive commercial, though. Also, the liquid metal impalas are WAY cooler than the new Chevy Impala which shouldn't be bought by ANYONE except rental fleets and police forces.

The Angels helmets actually look like they're covered in melted marshmallows. Half S'mores? Or maybe creme brulee?

I can't decide whether the actual game is boring or I just don't care much. I'm guess it's a combination of both.

I absolutely love that two Molina brothers both catch for the Angels. What the hell are the odds of that? (The fact that the starter is named "Bengie" is even better.)

(On the phone...please hold.)

OK, back. Two outs, top of the 7th. Steee-rike three! Contreras is pretty damn nasty (if a little wild). Can see why he throws so many wild pitches, why he gets stolen on so much AND why he's so good. And it's all the same reason. He also looks a little like Shawn Kemp, which is awesome.

How exactly is August Busch IV or whatever a "brewmaster"? Was Dave Thomas a chef?

It's the bottom of the seventh and Aaron Rowand came up, and I assumed he was a pinch hitter. Nope, apparently he's been playing all game. News to me. And Byrd plunks him in the back with the first pitch. Well, at least he didn't walk him, right?

You hardly ever see a baseball player who's entirely clean-shaven. Damn late starts.

Wait, is Tim Raines still known as "Rock"?

The Flintstones in a Midas commercial. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

McCarver, Piniella and Buck are slowly morphing into one, überannoying announcer.

Paying attention to baseball on TV is hard.

OK, I'm done.

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