Friday, October 14, 2005

ALCS Game 3 (Pregame)

This rain on the East Coast is just out of control. It's been going strong for either five or six days straight—I can't even remember anymore—so far, and it might end tomorrow, or it might go until Monday. If it stops tomorrow, that's fine. But if it rains until Monday, I may go insane. Or start collecting two of each animal on the planet, which might be viewed the same as going insane anyway.

Bought the Dangerdoom record today, which is HIGHLY recommended. MF Doom x Danger Mouse x Adult Swim. Only listened to it the once, but it's pretty amazing. There's a Doom/Ghostface collabo, which was long overdue, and just plenty of Doomosity. The only complaint I have is bleeped-out curses on the first track (I think that was the only one) which are sort of annoying. And I don't think I accidentally got the censored version, either. In fact, I doubt there are two versions.

The game tonight is starting at 8 again, despite being on the West Coast. Quite different from the first round, which had one of the Padres games starting at 11 Eastern. A baseball playoff game starting at 11 Eastern? Who does MLB think they are, the NBA? Actually, the only way to trivialize the first round more would have been to broadcast the games on the Lifetime network.

Leading up to the game I'm watching the end of "Evil Alien Conquerors" on Showtime Next. It's seriously one of the worst movies ever, and if you ever watch the entire thing you'll find yourself questioning the continued existence of the human race. Put it this way—Tori Spelling plays a pretty big role in it and she doesn't even get credited. And it's not like Tori doesn't need the credits. Of course now I've watched the whole thing roughly twice, which doesn't say much for the continued existence of me. This movie could actually warrant an entire post, especially the fourth-rate Jack Black who plays Croker (whose name is Tyler Labine—he also played John Belushi in "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Mork & Mindy'").

On to the game.


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