Saturday, October 15, 2005

ALCS Game 3, Part 2

BENGIE!!! I just can't help but think of the dog, but for the life of me I can't think of the name of any of the Benji books/movies.

Conversations with pitching coaches: Do I smell a new Mitch Albom book? I also think the market is SCREAMING for "The Five People You'll Meet In Hell." Because, let's face it, that's where most of us are headed anyway. Might as well be prepared, right?

Maybe the Angels are right to not be concerned about their pitching, because with the way John Garland's pitching, 5-0 may as well be 5,000-0. Although God knows 5,000-0 would be pretty rad (even though the game wouldn't end until next June). Maybe this Gregg guy will be better, though. Not that it matters.

The Pepsi Fan Cam is even worse than Pepsi itself, if that's even possible. The discussion about the Pepsi Fan Cam trumps them both, though. Let's drool over the girls in the stands! It's Southern California, guys, they're not so unusual.

I can root against the Angels simply because of the existence of the Rally Monkey, right?

Fireworks for a home run that cuts the Sox lead to three. I'm sure that they're scared now. Nice shot, though.

OK, Juan Uribe falling into his own dugout after striking out looking is now officially my favorite moment of the 2005 baseball postseason, just beating out A-Rod's hitting into that 9th inning Game Five double play.

I believe I referred to "Trading Spouses" as "Trading Places" earlier. Which doesn't change the fact that the bitch is completely insane.

And that was a very insightful conversation with John Garland's girlfriend. Especially Chris Myers asking if they talked today. Um, yeah, I'm sure they don't LIVE together or anything.

Baseball diaries are hard. Not enough action, and—wow, Bengie Molina's haircut is AWESOME. Nevermind.

Kevin Gregg looks more than a little like Private Pyle, methinks. And if he throws over to first one more time, I'M going to get a Section 8.

You know, going back to the A-Rod/Guerrero commercial, A-Rod WOULD steal the Pepsi after losing the contest. What a jerk.

Love Brendan Donnelly's delivery, so fast and herky-jerky (memories of Charles Kerfeld and Rob Dibble). And Everett's beard.

Major League baseball is like a nature preserve for goatees.

John Garland is, judging from his girl, going to be a very happy man tonight. As he probably is most nights.

Lou Piniella sounds disconcertingly like our beloved President sometimes. And, given his baseball background and his predilection for inane pronouncements, is there any reason to believe that George W. Bush COULDN'T become a baseball commentator? He'd be better at that than he is at this president thing, that's for sure.

Bottom of the ninth! Finally! (It's 11:03. And it's still raining here.)

1, 2, 3. And goodnight.


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chiguy75 said...

Russ, loved your stuff in SLAM and was lucky to come across this site.. was hopin' you'd be rootin' for da Sox since you're a Bulls fan, but guess not.

By the way, did you know Bush was in line to be the next MLB commish before Selig was named instead? GW got so pissed that he took his ball and went into politics. And look where that got us..

Take it easy..

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