Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Some CS, Game 1 Or 2, Diary

Um, interestingly enough, Fox and FX are both showing the same telecast right now, with no word as to which game will be on which channel. Awesome. I fully intend to watch some of the Cards/Astros tonight, assuming it ends up on one of the channels. Not that I hate the Yankees or anything, but I hope Andy Pettitte throws a perfect game. (That also has nothing to do with the fact that my ex-girlfriend is from St. Louis.) For the record, Kevin Kennedy on two channels is two channels too many. Not really feeling the fake Kyra Sedgwick, either. CAN SOMEONE LET ME KNOW WHAT CHANNEL I SHOULD BE ON, PLEASE? (I should also mention that I'm probably only keeping this tonight until my girlfriend gets here, which means it may cut off rather abruptly. My bad.)

Wow, a snippet of the Pixies? An old band, which is par for the course, but a GOOD one? The sky is falling!

Incidentally, I just flicked back and forth, and there are NOT the same commercials on each channel. Just so you know.

All three Molina brothers are playing at once? Rad. But what the heck is that sun thing on Craig Biggio's hat?

Commercial note: Yes, you actually can smell Taco Bell from outside. But usually that's AFTER someone's eaten it.

I still have no idea which channel either game is going to be on. Thank God that I don't really care about any of the four teams. I suppose I'll find out shortly. Right now I'm gambling on FX for the NLCS. Come on, baby.


Yes!!! I win!!! Um, yeah, I thrive for small victories. This announcing crew scares me more than the McCarver/Piniella/Buck group, actually. I sense a lot of flicking back and forth. Also, Bob Brenly looks preserved. And I think he just said "the team that can manufacture runs is the team that's going to win." Jesus. No wonder why I don't watch baseball anymore. Public Enemy was nice there, though. The Pixies, P.E., Bob Brenly, the Cardinals—is this 1988? Where's John Tudor?

Van Hagar. Yep, it's '88. And they wonder why the kids aren't as into baseball anymore.

Lotta red in that stadium. Drop a Crip in there and watch him flip out.

Chris Carpenter's hat is disgusting. Not as bad as John Wetteland's used to be, but then again I've seen subway cars cleaner than John Wetteland's hat. For the record, it was touted at the end of the ALCS Game One that you wouldn't miss a minute of either game tonight because they were on different channels. As a part of the TiVO-less world, I'd like to ask the geniuses at Fox/MLB how, exactly, that's possible when both games start at the same time?

Jim Edmonds and hos over-the-shoulder catches. Bet that miss hurt a lot. Kind of hard to call it a "defensive mistake," though, I think.

OK, this Bud Light commercial with "the Bomber" is an insult to baseball, Babe Ruth, history, humanity, and other things that I just haven't thought of yet. Also, Bud Light tastes like cat piss, and Babe Ruth would have sooner drank the juice from one of his popped hemmorhoids than a Bud Light. Or anything with "Light" in the name, for that matter.

Can't really overstate this enough, but has anyone out there actually tasted Bud? Do they NEED a "Light" variety? Seriously, it's like having Evian Light.

Guess there won't be a perfect game tonight. Bummer. Way to ruin my dreams, Eckstein. You could have at least waited until the second pitch to add some drama.

Bet Jim Edmonds is psyched to have a dirty uniform already. Boosts the eBay value, and makes it look like he's really trying. Sure, he missed the ball, but it's not like he gave up a run or anything.

Despite the fact that this game is on FX, it's a Fox broadcast, so the same sound effects are in use. Thank God. And apparently the White Sox are winning already, which is nice if you're a fan of that staid franchise. And having seen the highlight, how does a PITCHER miss a throw to first by that much? Somewhere, Rick Ankiel is laughing.

Hey, I might be a lapsed baseball fan, but I DO know this much—do NOT pitch to a guy named Reggie in October. 2-0, Cards. Way to go, Pettitte. Jerk. Nice socks.

Meatnormous, meatnormous. No.

I'm not gonna last much longer tonight. The commercials are worse than the game, and the game pretty much sucks.

In fact...

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