Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thoughts on the first two days of the NBA season after not watching any of the games.

OK, so I did watch a little of the TNT doubleheader on Tuesday night, but not much. Saw the paper today about the Knicks loss in overtime (giving up 20 points in OT, oops) to the Celtics, and the Nets getting stomped by the Bucks (Michael Redd a career-high 41). Good start for the NYC area teams. Maybe they need to hire taller coaches?

Whoa, SportsCenter has an NBA-themed rap. And I'm thoroughly confused. This, people, is why I don't watch SportsCenter anymore.

Kobe booed lustily in Colorado still, hahaha. And Smush! 'Melo's a beast inside (he's gonna be a power forward someday) and Kobe totally stole Jordan's old fist-after-winning-jumper thing. Ron-Ron in the K1x. Booed in ORLANDO? Why? Like the Pacers new uniforms. 16 points, not too shabby after starting 1-7. And NICE SUIT. Knicks against Celtics. Matt Barnes starting is awesome. Jamal Crawford not starting, not so awesome. Love Antonio Davis in NY, but not as much as Ricky Davis in Boston. P Double with his usual 30, didn't see as much as I'd like of the young fellas (especially Green and Jefferson). And the Knicks worst overtime loss ever—doesn't that have to do with coaching? Wow, does Red Auerbach look OLD. And he SOUNDS old. How does Larry Brown not pick his spots? He just goes where he gets traded? Please.

Love the ongoing Donovan McNabb/Terrell Owens drama in Philly. When I lived in Delaware, I always used to listen to Philly sports talk radio WIP—wish I was there for this. Well, except for the living in Delaware part.

Heat Grizzlies. Wow, nice beard Pau Gasol. Still might wanna get the teeth fixed. Toine with 16 rebounds? Damn. Wuiet night for the Diesel and they still murk the Grizzlies. Pistons 76ers. Must be nice to inherit a championship level team, huh, Flip? Good to see Tayshaun and Rip earning their dollars. Sheed too. Bust the Sixers by 20, and the highlights of a Sixer game without a single AI highlight? Either AI, for that matter. Wild.

Cavs Hornets. LeBron must be fun to throw alley-oops to. Six out of seven threes and 31 points. Ouch. Beating the Hornets by 22. Yikes. And those new teammates are gonna be real good for him this year. LeBron's also WAY too quick to step out on, so if that three's falling with regularity, it's a wrap. Gonna be the best player in the L at 20. Nets Bucks. Michael Redd is an All-Star. Again. And the SportsCenter announcers are downright embarassing. Glad to see T.J. Ford back. And Redd's better off on the Bucks where he can be the first option, rather than in Cleveland where he would have been relegated to the perimeter (literally and figuratively) of the LeBron show. Also, Andrew Bogut looks like Owen Wilson.

Whoa, hockey's back?

Kings Rockets. Sensing a trend here, they only show highlights from the winning teams. Therefore the Kings didn't win. See? The Rockets are mean, though, especiually with Stro. And the Kings have the potential to be a total mess. Is Rick Adelman still there? This could be the end. Mavs Jazz. Deron Williams starts with a 3? Nice. And a beyond half-court 3? Good win for the Jazz. Hey, back to the Lakers. Kobe looks like he's 18 with the short hair and goatee. Phil Jackson looks like Colonel Sanders with the wack soul patch. And, back to the Pacers. Wait, it's a big step that Ron Artest had "no major incidents"? What, someone expected an incident in his FIRST GAME BACK? People are stupid.

Warriors Hawks. Two franchises lookin' for some respect. Maybe a win or two. And yikes. $70 milly(and a couple first-rounders) for JJ and lose by 25? Not good, Hawks. Bobcats Bulls. Kirk better not be that hurt. Chris Duhon is the man. Darius Songaila hit a game-tying, last-second 3? Awesomely absurd. Sorry, Bobcats. Minnesota Portland. Yeah, KG. Washington Toronto. Sorry, T-Dot. What happened with Charlie? Clippers Sonics. Tough break, Seattle. (Um, no full highlights of those games, but the Budweiser Hot Seat with ROBERT WUHL? May have mentioned this before, but SportsCenter fucking sucks now. Absolutely terrible.

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