Tuesday, November 29, 2005


So I re-read a little of my last entry and realize that I used the word "inevitable" in consecutive sentences while talking about the Knicks. That's why I need an editor. I mean, I WAS an editor (and hopefully will be again someday so my college edumacation doesn't go entirely to waste), but it still helps to have someone read over my stuff. Please feel free to point out that kind of stuff if you're reading this—I promise I won't get embarassed much.

Much like Eminem, I'm spending part of today cleaning out my closet. I have a somewhat small walk-in that's been completely infested with sneakers and t-shirts. I swear to God they're breeding in there. Cleared 30 t-shirts and nine or 10 pairs of sneakers today, and I'm not sure it'll make a damn bit of difference. I did make a pact with my girl that we wouldn't buy any clothes for ourselves this month, so we'll see how that goes. At least I'll be able to sate my compulsive urge to buy stuff through Christmas shopping (which I haven't started yet).

I was going to go to Philly with Lang tonight to catch the Sixers/Blazers, but it's not happening now. Would have been my fifth NBA arena this season, too. Oh well, I'll get there. I'd like to see games in 10 different arenas this season, if possible. Philly and Boston will be easy enough. And I'll be tempted to JetBlue it to L.A. at some point. Gotta see where else they fly, too. Pretty sure they do Miami, and I've actually never seen a game there. Hmm.

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