Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Shawn from the dead.

I don't even know if I can do this or not, but I actually wanted to try and post a link here (yeah, I'm blog illiterate). My main man Lang Whitaker over at SLAMonline has no doubt linked to this as well, but I figure this deserves as much exposure as it can get.

  • Prepare for Reign.

    Sportsaholic said...

    Just to let you know I've been reading your Blog from the get-go. the site you're blogging on doesn't allow anyone to comment unless they've registered w the site as a blogger.

    The Sports Guy wrote this recently:

    Historical footnote: A.I. definitely cracks the starting five of my "We'll Never See Another Player Quite Like This Again" Team, along with McHale, Barkley, Magic and Gervin. Those have to be the five most unique players of all time. Even with Larry Bird, there were parts of his game that reminded people of Rick Barry. There is simply no historical precedent for McHale, Barkley, Iverson, Magic and Gervin. They made AND broke the mold.)

    the only player i can think of that comes close in terms of being undersized yet badass is Zeke. Didn't really watch him much but I assume there's a possibility he didnt follow the guy who experts contend shoots way too much transforms into guy with ridiculous assist:to ratio path.

    your thoughts? perhaps a mention in your next entry?

    Russ said...

    Oh yeah, I guess that would make a difference regarding the comments. Good point.

    It's funny, Sports Guy (who I really like) is around the same age as me, but I think his NBA knowledge goes back a little further. Not that I don't know about stuff before the late '80s, but I really wasn't watching much before then. Of course he had Larry Bird's Celtics, I had the pre-Ewing Knicks.

    That said, I'm not sure if I agree with his list. I mean, isn't Rip Hamilton somewhat of a modern George Gervin? And I agree that Iverson obviously took some of Isiah's bad-assedness. I'm also not quite sure how he can have a list like that without Jordan and Pippen (although I suppose one could make a case for Artest as the new Pippen and LeBron as (sort of) a new Jordan). Then again, I don't see LeBron (at least, not yet) having Jordan's incredible intensity on the other end.

    SG just overwhelms everything with words sometimes—he writes SO much, and so well—that you just agree and keep moving. I was thinking of doing some sort of response to his 30-team breakdown tomorrow (as in, do the Hawks compund taking Marvin Williams this year by taking Rudy Gay next year, and just have an entire team of small forwards under 25?), but we'll see.

    Thanks for reading/writing.

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