Friday, November 11, 2005


Well, this is sort of a dream Finals rematch from last season, except for the fact that Phoenix is missing 3/5 of last year's starting lineup. Boris Diaw, you're no Q Rich, even if you're wearing his number. Curious to see whether Detroit will push the tempo—Flipping it, so to speak. Then again, trying to keep up with the Suns isn't a good idea, Amare or not. 8-2 out the gate, Steve Nash putting in work.

I miss Kurt Thomas in New York. Bet Larry Brown does, too. In fact, I'd rather have him than Eddy Curry AND Jerome James, but maybe that's just me.

Wonder if Rip Hamilton even feels that mask anymore? And does he wear it everywhere? That's the kind of NBA promo spot we need—Rip's mask protecting him from everyday hazards, like mosquitos and too-hot coffee. 12-up.

The AmericaWest court still might be the illest in the L. Contrasting stain is what's up.

Rasheed Wallace might not be wearing Air Force 1s? It's hard to tell, but they look more...modern. Come on, cameras. Wait, or was I looking at Ben? Hard to believe I'd confuse the two, but I need to take a closer look.

Oh yeah, the Heat won.

The fact that the Pistons still have the same starting lineup that won the '04 title definitely should scare a lot of other teams, including the Spurs. They haven't made any real changes (except for Larry Brown, which might actually be a change for the better, before they tuned him out) and the young guys (read: Darko) may actually contribute this year. If they play Indy again, it should be a dogfight. Again.

OK, Sheed is wearing 1s, he's just got the straps hanging off the back. Gangsta.

Someone needs to tell Mike D'Antoni that, while it might have flown in Europe, the mustache just has to go. Stan "Hedgehog" Van Gundy can keep his, though.

If Kurt Thomas and Ben Wallace got into a fight, the only writers qualified to cover it would be Homer and Virgil.

Eddie House is on the Suns? Had no idea. And not only does James Jones have the same initials as Joe Johnson, but he sort of looks like him. He should demand a $70 million extension or a trade to the Hawks. Meanwhile, Brian Grant can rock down to Electric Avenue. Eddie House is dressed as Jason Terry.

Rasheed Wallace might have a spot on the All-Beard team, along with Baron Davis and first-year starter Pau Gasol. Maybe Rip and Ricky Davis at the two and three. And Brian Winters as the coach (llok up some old shots of him, you won't regret it. Actually, you might regret it a lot.) I'm probably forgetting someone super-obvious, but that's what I get for not doing any research. Oh yeah, Scot Pollard and Marc Jackson get spots on the bench. And it's too bad Vlade retired.

Maurice Evans gets the long rebound, and when they just say "Evans," I can't remember who it is. Reggie? Heshimu? Oh yeah, Maurice. Stupid old age.

Whenever I watch Antonio McDyess jump I can't help but wince with the anticipation of his kneecaps shooting out of his knees and skittering across the floor.

Carlos Delfino and Carlos Arroyo get in before Darko Milicic, who I ASSUME is active. The good thing is, now that he has to wear a tie (or at least a collared shirt) on game days he can practice his "no respect" Rodney Dangerfield routine.

Ron Harper is an assistant with the Pistons? Had no idea.

Weird—of the 10 guys on the floor, only Shawn Marion and Carlos Delfino are on their original NBA teams (and have never been traded, I should add—Nash was originally a Sun).

Two-point game with 4:37 to go in the 2nd quarter. This should go to the wire. The game's more to Detroit's tempo, lots of half-court sets.

OK, not only is Sheed wearing Air Force 1s, but they're HIDEOUS. Ostrich toepiece, blue patent around the ankle and red patent around the heel, white leather everywhere else. Horrible. Photos of them have been floating around for weeks, but I always figured they were just horrific counterfeits. Shows what I know.

Um, Boris Diaw (pronounced DEE-OW) looks a billion times better as a Sun than he did as a Hawk. Sure everyone in the ATL (and Lang) are thrilled about that.

Tied at 52 at the half. I love this game. No, THIS game.

More after the half.


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