Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Kill Your Television

Read something not too long ago (maybe on MSNBC) about how watching television is unhealthy. Something to do with all the negative images and whatnot. Sounded good to me. So, for the next week, at least, my goal is to limit my television viewing to 15 minutes of NY1 in the morning (Pat Kiernan, represent!) and NBA games at night. OK, and maybe some NFL on Sunday and Monday. Regardless, no more leaving on The Devil's Advocate for the 973rd time as background noise ("I'm a FAN of MAN!!!!"). We'll see how it goes.

I guess I should be at the Garden tonight for Knicks/Bulls, but I kind of forgot about it until it was too late. Funny how that works—normally I'd be all over this game. Have to holla at Kirk Hinrich later (and catch the results tomorrow A.M. in the Post). Won't be around LeaguePass or MSG tonight, unfortunately.

I may have mentioned this already, but it bears re-mentioning—Danger Doom's The Mouse And The Mask is the year's best album. Get it. I haven't even seen Aqua Teen Hunger Force and I think it's awesome. MF Doom is the best MC alive. Yeah, I said it.


Mpinga said...

I'm not about to advertise or sell anything.Have to I agree with that MF Doom comment,cat is pretty bad ass.Haven't heard the DangerDoom yet tho.
Well just so you know my Internet life actually depends on you updating this blog and let's just say I have been on life support more than twice already. I'm a ball fan in South Africa and the Net and SLAM are about my only NBA source.Heads up on the tight writing.

Russ said...

Ha ha, whoops, I'll try and be more conscientous. Thanks for reading!

ro50 said...

MF Doom is definitely sick.... I saw him perform live at SXSW last year and he absolutely killed it. Hip hop needs guys like him bad right now... most of these guys are just gimmick acts trying to get by on overproduction and slick marketing.

Your blog is great, BTW. Keep posting.

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