Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Retired Redux

Upon further inspection of the Celtics retired numbers, it's interesting to note that the entire run of 14-25 is in the rafters, with the sole exception of 20. There have been 22 number 20s in the Celtics history—along with number 11, it's the most-worn C's number. The current number 20, backup point guard Dan Dickau, is unlikely to wind up hanging with Larry Legend, McHale and the Chief. (It also doesn't bode well for Disaster that the last eight No. 20s only lasted year apiece in Boston.) I present to you the Celtic 20s. They are:

Al Lucas 1948-49
Dick Hemric 1955-57
Lou Tsioropoulos 1956-59 (also wore No. 29)
Gene Guarilia 1959-63
Larry Siegfried 1963-70
Rex Morgan 1970-72
Phil Hankinson 1973-75
Fred Saunders 1976-78
Wayne Kreklow 1980-81
Scott Wedman 1982-83 (also wore No. 8)
Ray Williams 1984-85
Darren Daye 1986-88
Brian Shaw 1988-89 & 1990-92
Sherman Douglas 1991-96 (also wore No. 4)
Tyus Edney 1997-98
Marlon Garnett 1998-99
Doug Overton 1999-00 (also wore No. 9)
Bryant Stith 2000-01
Erick Strickland 2001-02
Jumaine Jones 2003-04
Gary Payton 2004-05
Dan Dickau 2005-present

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