Friday, December 09, 2005

NBA on TNT 1

Just home in time to catch the fourth quarter of Wizards/Pacers. The Pacers are kicking the crap out of the Wizards on a snowy night in Indianapolis. Marv and Steve Kerr are gonna have a lot of time to kill tonight. And maybe Etan Thomas can write a poem about it. Pacers up 20, under 10 minutes to go.

The most amazing thing about the Pacers, to me, is how many minutes Anthony Johnson plays. I mean, dude was a career backup, and now he's the main point guard for one of the best teams in the League? How did this happen? He even dunked on someone the other night. I'm sure Jamaal Tinsley is probably more confused than I am, but still.

At this point, Stephen Jackson has 30 and the Pacers are up 20-plus still. It's too bad there aren't any other games on right now, because it would definitely be a good time to switch to one. The second of this doubleheader had better be better. What's amazing is that the Pacers did this without Tinsley and Ron Artest, who tragically has let his hair grow back in.At least Andray Blatche is getting minutes.

Although Rockets/Kings? Yeesh.

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Hattarar said...

he was just listenging to Anthony and the Johnsons on night when it all came together... Dude's never been the same since.