Saturday, December 10, 2005

Friday Night Live II

Man, this is embarassing. Under three minutes and the Lakers up 8. IN CHICAGO. This is just plain unacceptable for a playoff team, even with Ben Gordon on the sidelines in chalk stripes (nice suit). Meanwhile, the Knicks are building their lead in Phoenix. Shows what I know.

And the Bulls have NEVER LED. Is it too late to activate Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and Oakley? Guess so. Under a minute. This is over. And Kobe is just ridiculous, even though his overall game wasn't all that. Guess it's back to the Knicks, ane the Warriors/Pistons, already in progress. Hey, impressive job by the Lakers tonight, though, I ain't gonna lie. Wrapped.

Apparently it's the Warriors's broadcast, because I just flipped over to catch A's highlights. Rad. And they're up on the Pistons, which I suppose is par for the course tonight. And wow, I COMPLETELY forgot that Antonio McDyess was on the Pistons. Is that bad? I just hope I see some Darko action. And apparently most of the Warriors have the flu, so we're getting a lot of Caparkaba, among others. Yes!

Eh, done for now. The Bulls bummed me out.


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Thanks for the heartfelt comments. I'm touched. Really.

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