Monday, May 16, 2005

Sunday (Er, Monday?)

Steve Nash with the highest-scoring game of the playoffs so far? MVP, what?

Was Larry Brown wearing a flannel shirt at the postgame interview table? Did anyone find anything on Dale Davis's mustache? (Actually, I did on the Indy Star just now, and all it talks about is his looking "younger" without the gray-flecked goatee. Didn't anyone ask if it was for Ron-Ron?) Are the Pacers done? How the heck did the Sonics beat the Spurs two games in a row? (Have I finally been guilty of underestimating the Sonics?) Can they beat the Spurs in San Antonio without Vlad Rad AND Rashard Lewis? Will I ever stop asking questions and start answering them? (I doubt it.)

Yep, the second round is interesting, all right. Except for the Wizards, who just had a day pass, everything's going at least six. Which, of course, is the way the Commish and the home teams want it. If the season doesn't end until August, so be it. By the time Shaq plays again, it'll feel like a whole new season.

Where do we go from here? I feel the inevitability of a Heat/Spurs Finals (please oh please oh please, not Spurs/Detroit). Shaq on plenty of rest mixed with an absolutely transcendent Dwyane Wade (can't you argue he's a top-10 guy right now? Maybe even top 5?) is going to be very hard to stop, especially if the Pacers can at least make the Pistons have to work hard the rest of the way. (I just don't see Indy winning that series--sorry, Reggie.) Gonna go Spurs over Sonics out West still (although at full strength it looks as if it could be another story) and Mavs/Suns? I give up. I'll enjoy watching the rest of it, though.

And hey, is it just me, or is there a slightly longer version of that Yao GPS ad now that makes more sense?


Karakash said...

i also wish to see a Heat/Spurs or even a Heat/Suns series, no way i'm gonna watch (but i'm bball crazy and i will eventualy) a Pistons/Spurs series.
Speaking about series, I watched game 3 at Dallas and for the second time this play-offs i barely survived to stay in front of the TV till the end.
Don't get me wrong i'm not a great fan of defensive teams, but the way the Suns and especialy Mavs played on D, it whas unwatchable for somebody who knows something about Bball and who knows how u defend a pick&roll, or is that not among the fundamentals kids are learning in the US?
Russ, can u explain how a guy like Dampier (and many other Mavs), who makes gagillion dolars a year and is a vet can't understand what to do on a pick & roll?

Kurt Thomas said...

Is luke ridnour experiencing a mike bibby-esque coming out party in the play-offs? i certainly hope so. he was electric last night. dribbling like a mad man and then pulling up and nailing jumper after jumper after jumper...

a few questions:
1. where's my man TONY GERVINO??? whatever happened to that guy?
2. where is my man Leon Smith? and is he okay?

Ben said...

I want to see a Heat-Suns Finals, but my prediction is a Spurs-Pistons Finals. I'm not sure this would be so bad, as a basketball fan, but it would kill the ratings. Personally I would love to see how Detroit tries to stop the Spurs -- everyone talked about how Detroit was the true definition of a "team" beating the star-studded Lakers, but I'm not sure the Spurs aren't that much more of a team than Detroit. It would be interesting to see how that turned out.

But along the same lines, I wouldn't mind seeing Suns-Pistons to see the contrast in styles, or Miami-San Antonio for another Shaq-Duncan matchup.

Paper Street Soap Co. said...

All of this senseless MVP chatter can only be answered with a Suns v. Heat Final. But the NBA rules commitee, Larry Johnson and I would like to see which style would prevail in a Suns v. Pistons matchup. Why? Because we hate Alonzo Mourning that much.

kellydwyer said...

Not only did Larry Brown wear that flannel joke, but (and I wish I were joking) he also had the distinctive (and abhorrent) scent of patchouli on. He passed by me on the way into the conference room with two other people, and I got a huge whiff. After he left, I made a point to pretend like I needed to head somewhere else and just "happened" to walk past LB just to confirm it -- and sho'nuff, it was him.

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