Saturday, May 21, 2005


Sorry Lang, had to steal that.

Got a little lost there--between games, riding and eBay listing (username stansbury, if you're curious), I haven't posted in almost a week. As you can tell. Things have been going pretty much as expected in the playoffs, with Reggie riding off into the sunset (more on that later) and the Sonics and Mavs still fighting the good fight. As long as the Finals doesn't end up being Spurs v. Pistons. Not sure if I can deal with that. On another note, I'd like to see Phil Jax wear that robe from the Toyota commercials on the sidelines next season assuming he comes back. Well, assuming there IS a next season (more on that later as well).

Just some short things from the week:

1) My 40 gig iPod up and died this week. The screen was already cracked due to a BMX wreck, and just the other day it started making strange high-pitched buzzing/whirring/whining sounds, and refused to acknowledge having any songs on it. I think it's less than a year old, and thus still technically under warranty, but a) I don't have a receipt, as I wasn't the original owner, and b) it looks like someone hit it with a brick.

Strangely enough, though, it's been somewhat of a blessing in disguise. I bought a gold 4 gig Mini back in June of last year, and had never even opened the box. Now I've got that up and running, and in a lot of ways it's better than the 40. Smaller, lighter, and because I obviously had to be a bit more selective about what I put on it, I really never skip anymore when it's on song shuffle. And if it breaks, at least the Mini will be cheaper to replace. (I'm still using the Bang & Olufsen headphones, though--the white Apple ones are the Mark Of The Beast.)

I suppose I will end up getting a 60 gig eventually (unless they come out with a 100 first), but I won't ride with it. One demolished $400-plus device is enough.

2) If you're in New York City and you're a sneakerhead, you might want to check out Flight Club over on Greene Street between Waverly and Eighth Street. Run by the guys that brought you, it's a Japanese-style (walls covered in shrink-wrapped sneakers) sneaker shop that's like an eBay page brought to life. As it's mostly consignment, prices vary, and sizes and styles are constantly in flux. If there's that one shoe you've been looking for forever--or if you just want to see some shoes in real life that you've only seen on the 'net--stop by. They're open from 12-7 Wednesday through Sunday.

3) Selling stuff is a lot more time-consuming than buying it.

4) Haven't seen the new Star Wars flick yet, and to be honest, I'm in no rush. Opening night was nuts--entire families were walking the streets of the City in costume, lines stretched around blocks, and I can only imagine what the first showings were like. I loved the first three movies, but the later episodes just didn't work for me. Although the latest installment did already provide me with a fair bit of entertainment--Anthony Lane's review in the current edition of The New Yorker. Amazing stuff.

5) Please God, Arsenal over Man U. tomorrow. Please?

6) Is Jason Terry the Mini-Me of Erick Dampier?

7) Free Mark Sabia!

8) My elevator has been out of service since March 28th, so I've spent the last two months living in a 6th-floor walkup. It's not too bad, unless you realize you've forgotten something as you're going out the door. Or carrying your bike up the stairs at 3 a.m. Or doing laundry. It was allegedly going to be a 10-week process to replace the elevator, but I'm not holding my breath.

9) The Nike commercial with Dirk and the eagle isn't nearly as good as the LeBron lion or Earl frog. I'm down with the Rasheed flame one, though. Basically anything that gets Rasheed more TV time is great.

10) Can someone PLEASE explain the whole $200-plus jeans thing to me? Because honestly, I just don't get it.

More later. And not five days later, either. Sheesh.


mercurialvapor24 said...

No way. You're an Arsenal fan?? And i thought you were cool, too. Just kidding. While we're on the subject of soccer: I know that a lot of SLAM guys are into it, but just curious, what teams do Lang and Ryan (and you of course) like? Lang sometimes mentions soccer in the Links if I remember correctly. Anyway, go Spurs! and Man U!

Russ said...

Lang pulls for Man U., Ben is a fellow Gooner, and Ryan (of all sides) is an Everton supporter. And yeah, I'm Arsenal. Blame it on Nick Hornby. And Douglas Adams, to a lesser extent.

Djlethal01 said...

You should still try to contact apple regarding the ipod or even just stop by the apple store, they are really nice over there and might be able to help.

Loooks like you are quite the ebay shoe hustler.

Agreed on Aresnal.

Speaking of Dirk, for some reason I think he dosent fit in with his team..that whole Dampier thing and snapping on Terry last night. What do you think?

Varlow23 said...

Personally, I think Dirk got a little bit "Kobe" last night (I love Kobe, just as a sidenote). However, at the end of the game, Dirk looked like he was trying to excrete fecal matter but was having a tough time as he was yelling at Jason Terry. I used to like Dirk until this last series, where I noticed he seems to end up on his ass after every drive too the hoop. All in all, I did let go a huge sigh of relief when he clanked that three in game 6.

Russ said...

I'll run by the Apple Store this week, perhaps. Guess it can't hurt.

As for Dirk, that's what happens when you're a seven-foot jumpshooter.

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