Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dwyane Wade... the truth. Guess Steve Nash might have been the MVP after all. Fo' fo'...what?


Mr. Babylon said...

The truth? Yea. The Truth? Nah, he's Flash, and that the makes the rest of the Heat... the Furious Five.

Russ said...

But the Furious Five would then include him, unless they're playing with six guys (which the Wizards might believe) or you're counting Stan Van Gundy.

Mr. Babylon said...

Yeah, I considered the "Furious Four + 1 More" or some shit, but things get complicated when you start mixing your references. There's no way Stan counts. He and his brother can be the "Frumpy Two" or something. I think "Furious Five" works; it's not like Diana wasn't still a Supreme, or Booker T an MG. Err... Right? Maybe not. How about this?

"The Furious Five featuring Flash"

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