Thursday, May 26, 2005

Some Quick Stuff On Heat/Pistons

Not that coaching is a profession based on looks, but Stan Van Gundy replacing Pat Riley is still hysterical. It's like if Colin Farrell dropped out of Miami Vice, and the first choice to replace him was Phillip Seymour Hoffman. OK, it's not much like that at all, but the image came to my head anyway.

Speaking of Miami Vice, is Craig Sager an extra?

Seventy percent of Damon Jones's shots during the season were threes? Yowza.

It's still hard to believe that the Pistons got Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess and Carlos Arroyo without giving up much of anything. Merry Christmas!

It's also hard to believe that Larry Brown has been interviewing with the Cavs during the Conference Finals. Oh wait, no it isn't.

I'd actually think about watching The Closer if it starred Dennis Eckersley, Jeff Reardon and Jose Mesa.

Did Coach K do those AmEx ads to make up for the money he lost out on by not taking the Lakers job?

If Tayshaun Prince were any longer, he would have been written by J.K. Rowling.

I think the TNT crews do an excellent job overall, but we need more shots of Darko on the bench. A LOT more.

Elden Campbell is still alive?


Djlethal01 said...

About Elden Campbell...That is the way I felt when I found the wonderful Cuban experiement known as Wang Zhizhi was still in the league. I hope Yao pays him royalties.

Jeremy said...

I used to be Varlow23, but I forgot my password, so here I am under a new name. I found that kinda of annoying that you cant get your password emailed to you.... COME ON RUSS. Anyways, I used to ride a tonne, until my bike got jacked while I was getting candy at a cornerstore. Don't you think someone would be able to point out who took it or where they went in broad daylight?

Anyways, I agree about Arroyo (who I fell in love with during his taking apart the "Nightmare" Team), as well as Wallace and McDyess. I also love how they brought back Elden Campbell just to come in and hack Shaq 6 times before he sits back down. As if that isn't enough he brings all that veteran leadership or whatever they claim he brings to mask the fact that he's just in to hack. As much as Bo Outlaw seems to love his job, I bet he'd love to be in Elden Campbells Nikes just to get out there.

Seems like my post is bigger than one of Russ's blogs, but I've been thinking about this for a while. Bill Walton has to be the most ignorant son of a ever. The other night, game 2, Walton claimed Tony Parker was dominating Steve Nash. Now Tony finished with 29 I think, and maybe 5 assists. Steve had one of his classic 25-30 I think along with his double digit assist nights. Tony was money in the 4th, but the problem was Walton made this comment in the 2nd or 3rd when Phoenix was up. Anyways, I need to stop cause I'm thinking of Bill talking with his lisp as if he's the greatest thing to ever happen to basketball, and it upsets me. Sorry for the huge post.

you know im right... said...

"some more quick stuff on the post-season"

-great opportunity for chad 'darko' fordicic to jump on every euro ballers nuts because the draft be a comin'.

-annual 'shawn kemp did something silly' story usually emerges around may/june.

-worldwide follower will immediately post a story on the top scorer of the day and reasons why he should be the playoff mvp.

-somewhere, kb's voodoo doll of diesel is gettin a thigh workout.

-potentially a months worth of games that phoenix will continue to not run a single play for matrix.

-seeing ron jeremy courtside at heat games. great seats ron.

-me living in australia, praying that games do not run into overtime, as they did phx/mavs, because the airtime just drops out after the 4th.

-rob horry's 6th ring (just wait)

nope said...


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