Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hey Mo! You're Fired!

With his Brand-name Sixers off to a 9-14 start—and losers of eight of their last 10—Mo Cheeks is out in Philly. If you're keeping track, that's five NBA coaches fired before Christmas. Happy Holidays! You can read about Mo's ouster in various media outlets, or just watch this instead:

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Moose said...

Russ B, I am here
You said that if we read this
We all should comment

Russ, I read your blog
I may be the sole person
But you aren't alone

I look forward to
All of your haikus and posts
And they are awesome

Continue writing
Your influential pieces
And readers will come

As a response to
A post you made yesterday
I am here to read

I will write haikus
In response to your haikus
They will not compare

But I will write them
And I am here to read yours
About basketball

There are my haikus
And Russ, keep on writing them!
You are not alone!

Russ, I do read your blog, and I enjoy the haikus and all. Just know that whenever you post a haiku, I'll be there with one as a response or add-on to yours.