Monday, September 08, 2008


As one of my astute readers (or perhaps my one reader, who happens to be astute—Ryan doesn't count) pointed out, I posted my Caron Butler haiku twice, at 16 and 25. I suppose I could claim that Butler is so good that he deserves two spots on my definitive All-Haiku NBA Top 50 List™, but that would be a total lie. So I owe you, my faithful reader(s) a replacement poem. Which I shall write right NOW.

Here's the thing, though. I will not put a name with this haiku. It will be up to you, dear reader(s), to guess the subject. It will probably be either super-easy or completely impossible. First, though, I should refer to the list so I don't make the same mistake twice. Sigh.

Blocks and dunks? Simple.
The rest of the game, not yet.
Great expectations.

(I was actually thinking of two different guys when I wrote this, but it fits one better than the other. Not sure whether it's super-easy or completely impossible, although I expect the guy I wasn't really thinking of to be named before the guy I was really thinking of. If that makes any sense.)


BallerBlogger said...


Chris O said...

Is it me?

Or maybe Josh Smith?

Russ said...

Josh was the guy I wasn't really thinking of. And it's not Oden. (Either I did him already or he's coming up soon. One or the other.)

BallerBlogger said...

Dwight Howard?

Russ said...

Didn't even think about Dwight. Pretty sure he's coming soon.

Maybe I was too vague. Hm. Secondary haiku about the same guy?

Gifted and a gift
Learning the game the hard way

BallerBlogger said...


Russ said...

Ding ding!

RyanP said...

I was going to say Tyrus Thomas but somebody beat me to it!

Nothin_personal said...

The joshes? Smith more than Howard (since there is no mention of rebs)

Ryan Jones said...

Correct answer: Ben Wallace. And don't you dare tell me he doesn't still have a lot to learn!