Friday, September 19, 2008

6. Andris Biedrins

Fifty or sixty?
Your new guaranteed contract
Buys lots of hair gel


Carlos said...

Hey Russ, whats up?
1st time i come here... is twentythreenine a reference to #23 and #9, as both MJs number? (Bulls and Dream Team)

anyway, i was in the middle of a discussion at slamonline and i wrote something that i really liked. check it out.
"i miss points in your opinion, in mine, you are way, way wrong! :P
you just have too many IFS in your ideas.
if you dn’t think picking Bowie instead of mike just cause they needed a center, so, i cannot argue with you. thats worst cause thats bad judgement AFTER you saw the failure!
would portland be nba champion with Bowie healthy? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
could they play Drexler and Mike together?
they could! and, if it didn’t workout, can you imagine who they could get for the Glide?!?!
you really think if Mike went to Portland he wouldn’t be all that?
man, can you imagine him, with all that fire and desire, starting on the bench cause of Clyde?
can you imagine how hungrier he would have been?
now, thats a lot of IFS too, and i don’t like that. maybe he would go to portland, loose motivation and quit basketball… if you wanna talk possibilities, you can imagine anything you want, cause nobody can prove you wrong, but MJ IS MJ and that proved even houston was wrong. Hakeem is great, but Mike is Mike, the man that was MORE than basketball.
and man, they didn’t CHOSE to be lazy, thats what their mama gave to them too!!! together with the jump, or the post move, or footwork ability, they gave their son the lack of a BRAIN, at least a brain to compete at Jordan’s level, so no, they didn’t had the potential, as, inside, they never had the MIND AND SOUL to become all that.
Athletic ability is great, but Mental counts a LOT too, maybe even more than athletic.
to become an elite player, you need one very strong and a lot of the other kind too, but to become lgendary, great, myth, YOU NEED BOTH TO BE at HUGE BEYOND HUMAN LEVEL.
and thats Mike."

sorry to bring that here and the english mistakes, i still have a lot of them.
take care

Russ said...


I'm not sure where all that came from. I agree that someone like Jordan would have become MICHAEL JORDAN no matter when he got drafted or what team he went to. Some players are more mentally strong than others, and I believe that MJ was one of the strongest ever (if not the strongest).

That said, I believe that there have been players who had the POTENTIAL to be great, but either found themselves stuck on terrible teams, or with terrible coaches, or with terrible teammates, (or all three) and they were never able to fulfill that potential. They instead developed bad habits (or bad attitudes) early that wound up shaping the rest of their careers.

Mental toughness is just as important as physical ability, yes. But circumstance is also important. Nature vs. nurture and all of that.