Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Change Of Address

You may notice in the near future that I won't be posting as much on here. (Some of you may wonder if that's even possible, to which I say ha ha.) Thanks to Lang Whitaker and Sam Rubenstein at SLAMonline, my entire blog will be moving onto their server. The best part about that, besides the prestige of the SLAM name, is that you (yes, you) will be able to leave comments without registering. And I guarantee that I will respond to said comments, and so on, and so on. I'm not sure whether the archive here will go to SLAM, but I WILL guarantee that I'll be writing more often.

What may end up happening in the future is this: Basketball-related posts will go up on SLAM, and this site will be a repository for my more esoteric musings. Um, not that I've actually posted any of those yet. But this could be the place for me to write about, say, the new Outkast record (which I still haven't bought), or the lousy weather we've been having lately. We'll see.

Stick around.

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