Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Not really. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. Yes, you.

I actually wonder which team would refuse that trade? (Assuming that the salaries would work—and I'm sure they could be made to with some throw-ins either way.) In Iverson, the Knicks would be getting yet another undersized two who'd expect to start (obviously either Francis or Marbury would have to go next, preferably for a big like Jamal Magloire). But he's exactly the kind of player that New York fans are starving for, and his jersey would sell in RIDICULOUS numbers.

In Crawford, the Sixers would get a talented, young replacement for AI (at a reduced price) who showed flashes of brilliance last year. Unlike some of his teammates, Crawford accepted Larry Brown's criticisms, and became a better player for it. And Curry, while still questionable in conditioning and desire, is one of the few young bigs who can score productively in the post. He might never learn to rebound or defend, but he's still somewhat of a rare commodity in today's NBA.

Not that it's going to happen—or even be discussed.

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