Friday, May 26, 2006

Game 2, Western Conference Finals

It's round about 10 of 9, Eastern time, and TNT was just playing Fugazi's "Waiting Room" on the lead-in to Mavs/Suns. FUGAZI! Hard to believe. I wonder if Ian Mackaye is watching?

Joey Crawford is part of the officiating crew, and as much as he overreacts sometimes, I like the guy.

Keith Van Horn and Tim Thomas are both starters. Awesome. Not entirely sure about what kind of message that sends the kids, but hey, after being traded for each other twice they may as well have something else in common.

Somehow it seems doubtful there will be too many 24-second violations in this one.

It's highly unlikely that either Leandrinho or Devin Harris are on steroids, but has anyone tested either of them for nitrous?

Van Horn is the Mavs starting CENTER tonight, which is funny because he probably wouldn't get called for a three-second violation if they were cumulative.

Interesting that none of the playoff beard teams made the Final Four. Has ANY NBA team that's adopted a hair-related postseason unification theory EVER won a championship? John Hollinger should do the research.

If anyone offers Tim Thomas more than three years at the mid-level exception, they're insane. I don't care if he winds up the Finals MVP. In fact, he should probably offer to play his next three years for free for one of the teams he mailed it in for.

Doug Collins has gotten seriously creepy over the years.

If Phoenix can go home up 2-0...yikes.

Yes, I'd rather wear Cheryl Miller's clothes than Craig Sager's. And TNT is OK with this? Charles Barkley should go on wearing a half-shirt and a Speedo.

With every game, I'm becoming more and more convinced that Steve Nash is all good as MVP.

And doesn't the success of the Mavs and Suns cement the genius of Don Nelson? Enjoy retirement, Nellie, you earned it.

God, I hate David Hasselhof.

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